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All-inclusive vacations to Mexico
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Mexico is a southern vacation destination with countless spectacular all inclusive vacation resorts to choose from.

Mexico is open for tourism all year round and last minute package deal vacations to Mexico’s various vacation resorts and hotels are always available. Each region offers a unique flavour, so don’t hesitate to try different Mexico vacation resorts – each one offers different vacation deals!

Mexico’s unique characteristics include miles of beaches and exceptional fauna, and a history and culture that cannot be found elsewhere in the South. Treasures of its rich history that dates back to 2000 BC can still be found in the arts, pre-Columbian and Colonial architecture, celebrations and ceremonies, customs, costumes. The Mexican people still have a strong attachment to traditional arts and crafts – a way of living in Mexico.

[size=13]National symbols of Mexico:[/size]

National flower: the dahlia
National tree: the ahuehuete, the cypress of Mexico.
Surface area: Mexico extends on nearly 2 million square km.

[size=13]General information for your vacations to Mexico[/size]

[size=13]Required documents for your vacations to Mexico[/size]

• The tourist card, handed to you on the plane at no cost should be kept with you for the duration of your vacation to Mexico since it will have to be given to the authorities at the end of your vacation.

[size=18].[/size]A valid passport is mandatory to enter Mexico.

• A child less then 18 years of age, travelling with only one parent must have an authenticated letter of the other parent authorizing the entry and the vacation.

[size=13]The climate in Mexico[/size]

Mexico, located near the coast, enjoys a year-long tropical climate. This is why all-inclusive package vacations are available all year long. The annual average temperature in this part of Mexico is 25-28oC, with highs of 38oC and also 41oC in certain parts of the coast. The temperature generally cools down at sunset so it is recommended to bring along a light woollen article.
Rainy season, always on the coast of Mexico, is between the months of May and October. The downpours are, however, of short duration in this country of the South and often occur at night. In October, you are more likely to come across more rain if your trip brings you towards Cancun. Hurricanes are more frequent in August and September. During these months, choose to travel on the Pacific Coast, where the showers and the hurricanes are much less frequent. Like everywhere else, there is always a possibility in finding great deals at this period.

[size=14]Health in Mexico[/size]

Throughout your vacations, wash your hands prior to every meal. Do not drink tap or fountain water on your vacation. Avoid raw or non-pasteurized products. Eat lightly and adapt yourself gradually to the alimentary habits of Mexico. The cuisine in Mexico is one of the healthiest in the world.

[size=13]Clothing to bring and customs in Mexico[/size]

Casual dress is acceptable almost everywhere, however, Mexico has some particular customs: The bathing suit is for the pool or beach only, during your vacation and suggestive dress is not appropriate in hotels or the cities inside of Mexico. If you are planning to attend church, during your vacation, wearing shorts is not permitted.
In the large cities in Mexico, one gets nicely dressed in the evening. On the other hand, one can remain casually dressed to dine in an all inclusive resort or hotel.

[size=13]Gastronomy in Mexico[/size]

The gastronomy in Mexico is varied and abundant with a full range of flavours and regional specialities. Pre-Columbian products: corn, bean, pineapple, avocado, cocoa, pepper, marrow, tomato, vanilla… Colonial products: poultries and bovines. Asian products: Asian products: coriander, rice and cinnamon. African product: bananas. Multicoloured, spiced and subtle, often hot, Mexican cuisine is a harmonious crossing, exploiting an infinite number of ingredients, which can delight the taste buds.

[size=13]Purchases in Mexico[/size]

Souvenirs: Silverware is at a cheaper price comparatively to what you can find in Canada, because Mexico is the biggest silver producer in the world. Always look for the ". 925" seal, which stands for 92,5% pure as it guarantees the authenticity of the metal. Copper, onyx, textiles (magnificent fabrics and lace in this country of the South), sculpted wood, blown glass and pottery are interesting purchases.
Buy yourself some “Huaraches”, Mexico’s sandals that last forever and are extremely comfortable.

[size=13]Liquors in Mexico[/size]

Tequila, Mezcal, Khalua.


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