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A vacation in Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete in the Dominican Republic
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Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete are located on the Dominican Republic’s renowned Atlantic coast, which offers tourists wonderful sceneries shaped by the northern mountain range laced with lush vegetation. This region, where the tourist industry is particularly developed, is home to several hotel complexes offering a wide variety of vacation packages for all purses (from all inclusive packages to no meal included).

Despite Puerto Plata’s recent development, the town centre is quite unaltered and still offers tourists the typical Caribbean charms and ambiance. Several 19th century Victorian and republican buildings are well preserved and Puerto Plata’s San Felipe Fortress is worth a visit. During your vacation in Puerto Plata, have a nice walk on the Malecon, Puerto Plata’s waterfront esplanade that stretches for several kilometers or, if you prefer to go discount shopping, find your way to Central Park, one of the town’s major animation centre where you can also visit the Art Deco San Felipe church. To have a wonderful view of Puerto Plata and its beaches along with the surrounding mountains and others towns in the region, climb to summit of the 793 meters-high Pico Isabel de Torres. Also during your vacation, do not miss a visit of the Amber Museum; this fossilized resin, remarkable result of the hardening of pinesap, is abundant in the Dominican Republic. Several pieces are tens of millions of years old and some contains well-preserved insects or small animals. To remember your visit, go to the Museum shop to buy jewelry made with amber or « larimar », a beautiful blue stone also found in the Dominican Republic. You will certainly not find greatest discounts of your vacation in this shop but all pieces are high quality.

The town of Sosua is composed of two distinct quarters separated by the Sosua sand beach. Although Sosua has lost its yesteryears Caribbean authenticity, you can still enjoy Sosua, if you are looking a more lively vacation, because of the endless possible activities offered. Sosua is nowadays more a cluster of bars, restaurants, dance clubs and all inclusive vacation packages hotels. The uneven and hilly coast offers vacationers beautiful sights and the Sosua bay offers wonderful scenery and its waters are always crystal-clear. Small tourists shop, bars and restaurant line the Sosua Bay; If you want to find great discounts for your souvenirs, this is the perfect place if you are ready to bargain for them!

Cabarete is a small town known as the windsurfer’s capital. The beautiful sand beach is more than 3 kilometers long. Cabarete offer tourists a warm atmosphere along with the typical Caribbean nonchalance much appreciated on vacation. The vacationers have a fair choice of mostly small and medium sized hotels, some all inclusive vacation hotels. Several restaurants and small shop will offer vacationers good deals.

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