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Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy (St. Barth)
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[size=14]A trip to Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy [/size](St. Barth)

Vacations in the South, to Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy, mean going on a voyage on two islands situated in the Archipelago of the Lesser Antilles, which, is a long a long chain composed of about one hundred islands. Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy (also referred as St. Barth) are at about 30km of distance. Nature at this location in the South is extremely beautiful and the beaches with gleaming floodtides are simply idyllic. In many places on the coasts, superb moon shaped white sand stretches out. St. Martin and St. Barth are by the trade winds, they are charged with vapors blowing from East to West and over the Atlantic Ocean. St. Martin is known as the St.Tropez of the Tropics.

Divided into two, it is a harmonious mixture of France and Holland where one can find all-inclusive packages sold in Canada. In St. Martin, the sea has a particular colour and spectacular scents of fruit flowers and spices. St. Barth is the flower of the Antilles, as small and beautiful with its sprucely maintained houses.
St. Barthelemy, emerges from waters such as a small mountainous mass where many enchanting landscapes are concentrated. One does not get weary while pacing time and time again in its steep paths. Take advantage of this occasion to stay in St. Martin and to go there. It’s a real deal then to benefit from two islands in the same vacation.

Population in St. Martin is of 30,000 hab. in the French side and 39,000 in the Dutch side.

Surface Area of St. Martin Island is 93km2; of which 55km2 in the French side.

Population of St. Barth: 5,000 habitants.
Surface Area of St. Barth: 25km2.
Emblem of St. Barth: brown Pelican

[size=14]General information for your vacations in St. Martin and St. Barth[/size]

Required documents for your package deal vacations in the South to St. Martin and St. Barth
·Valid passport for all the duration of the vacation as well as a return or continuation ticket
·No Visa is required from Canada for Canadians.
·A child of less than 18 years of age, travelling with only one parent must have an authenticated letter from the other parent authorizing the entry and the vacation.

Climate in St. Martin and St. Barth
St. Martin and St. Barth both have a tropical climate, although rather dry (20 to 30% less humid than in Guadeloupe). The average temperature on these two islands of the South is 26°C. The trade winds blow all year long, generating a perpetual touch of coolness, perfect for your visits during the trip. Two seasons can either, nevertheless, be distinguished; the dry season and the rainy season.

·The dry season, in St. Martin and St. Barth extends from November to April. It’s the most enjoyable for your vacations in the South, as the heat is less stifling and rain or showers are less frequent.
·The rainy season, in St. Martin and St. Barth, is from May to October. One can still travel there since showers, although abundant, are often of short duration. Moreover, this makes it possible to easily find great deals from Canada. From the month of August to October, showers are rather frequent and it is also the hurricane season. During this season, average temperatures of 27°C in daytime and of 22°C night time. It is said that in St. Barth, even the rainy season causes very little precipitations.

Celsius Degrees in St. Martin

St. Martin: Nov. 29, Dec. 28, Jan 27, Feb. 28, March 28, Apr, 29
Montreal: Nov. 5, Dec. –2, Jan –5, Feb –4, March 2, Apr. 11
This information will help you to better choose your South Package deal in St. Martin

Health in St. Martin and St. Barth
If you happen to necessitate medical care during your trip, know that they are of great quality in St. Martin and St. Barth. Pharmacists are numerous and they dispose of the most recent medications on the market. The water is drinkable everywhere in St. Martin and St. Barth.

·Beware of the Manzanilla tree of the South, which produces a venomous juice that can provoke serious burns. You are able to recognize this tree with its little round leafs whose central vein are yellow. Around the beaches, in St. Martin and St. Barth, the Manzanilla tree has been systematically removed, except in certain areas, where some of them are still planted. The majority of these trees have been labelled with a red mark or are indicated with a little notice. Consult a doctor if you happen to touch the Manzanilla tree by mistake.

Clothing to bring and customs in St. Martin and St. Barth
Generally, light and relaxed clothing are the most appreciated on these islands of the South. A cardigan for cooler evenings and formal or chic clothing, for expected night outings during your vacation. Sandals for the beach and good quality closed shoes that cover well your feet (during strolls on the mountain, they provide better protection against injuries that can cause infections). Don’t forget to bring a hat and your sunglasses to take advantage of your trip. A small umbrella during the rainy season. In the hotel lobbies and in the city in St. Martin and St. Barth, it is not acceptable to walk around wearing a bathing suit. It is recommended for men to wear a suit jacket at the casino, even if you’re on vacation.

Gastronomy in St. Martin and St. Barth
Known for it’s fine cuisine, St. Martin characterizes itself by a long culinary tradition whose origins are as diverse as those of its population. Creole, French, Dutch, Indian established here since already a long time. The recent Chinese immigration , Vietnamese, Moroccan, Thai and others have all brought new flavours. St. Martin is the culinary capital of the Antilles, which is extremely enjoyable during your vacation.

·The island of St. Martin is strongly equipped, particularly within the French side. From little bistros or little beach counters specializing in seafood or grilled fish to the fine French cuisine restaurants or Creole and exotic dishes, the choice is as vast as the sea! St. Barth accounts many excellent gastronomic restaurants, pleasing bistros, of French and Creole dishes, or sandwiches and ice creams.

Shopping in St. Martin and St. Barth
True shopping paradise, since none of the products are taxed in St. Martin nor in St. Barth. The shops are closed during midday (exactly at noon) in St. Martin and St. Barth. In St. Maarten (Dutch side of St. Martin) none of the shops or boutiques close at midday.

Souvenirs and great deals to take advantage of, during your vacation.
·St. Martin: Jewelry made of blue or red coral, of mother-of-pearl, of seashell or of silver. Local artists’ paintings. Creole arts and crafts; porcelain, lace, Creole dolls dressed with Madras, mother-of-pearl statuettes.
·St. Maarten: Lovely pieces of Faience of famous Dutch craftsman; plates, trinkets, tiles and vases.
·St. Barth: Art posters of Martine Cotten, she paints West-Indian sceneries, charming and full of romanticism. Creole statuettes. Seashell, silver or gold jewelry. Beauty products made on the spot with natural ingredients.

Drinks in St. Martin
·The one and only alcohol which is typically from St. Martin, the Guanaberry, prepared with rum and a growing berry on the island.

Public Holidays in St. Martin and St. Barth
·January 1st : New Year’s Day
·Mardi Gras – not on the Dutch side
·Ash Wednesday
·Easter Sunday and Easter Monday
·April 30th: Queen’s Birthday – only on the Dutch side
·May 1st: Labour Day
·May 8th: Armistice 1945 – not on the Dutch side
·Ascension Day
·May 27th: Slavery Abolition Day- not on the Dutch side
·Pentecost – not on the Dutch side
·July 14th: French National Holiday – not on the Dutch side
·July 21st: Victor Schoelcher’s Birthday – not on the Dutch side
·August 15th: Assumption Day – not on the Dutch side
·August 24th: St. Barth’s Day – only St. Barth
·November 1st: Toussaint (All Saints Day) – not on the Dutch side
·November 11th: Armistice 1918 – not on the Dutch side
·November 11th: St. Maarten Day
·December 25th: Christmas Day

Local Events in St. Martin
·February: St. Martin’s Carnival
.March: Annual Heineken Regattas
·April and May: St. Maarten’s Carnival

[size=14]Vacations in St. Martin and St. Barth[/size]

[size=13]Things to do and to see during your trip to St. Martin and St. Barth[/size]

St. Martin & St. Barth·Shopping Paradise, Duty Free! On both islands

St. Martin
Marigot** Main city of St. Martin. Elegant, doesn’t keep count of its many terraces at shore and its luxurious boutiques.
·Fort St. Louis** constructed in 1767 at the summit of Mont Louis is about 60 m. high. Today, its ruins always dominate the city offering a superb view*. You can observe Baie de Marigot, the Low Lands, Simson Bay lagoon in the south, the West Coast of the island in the north and Anguilla.
·Public markets* Are open every Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Spices and exotic fruits of a thousand and one scents, cotton clothing, all sorts of jewelry and a ton of Creole arts and crafts items. Go to the market in order to find the most stunning deals.
·Marina Port la Royale. Beautiful, with modern looking buildings that shade the shops and restaurants. Boats of lovely colours, which await to pursue their voyage.

On the paths of the Arawaks** Museum right next to Marigot. History of the first inhabitants on the island of St. Martin.

Around Pic Paradis.
·Pic Paradis. By car, the road is steep and bumpy, indeed almost impracticable in some places, but the view** is breathtaking and is worth all the trouble. On one side, you will see all the coast of the island of St. Barth, while on the other side, almost all the West Coast of Anguilla.
·St. Louis. Township with a few houses, situated at the summit of the seaside cliffs, where you can enjoy the spectacular view*.

·Grande Case** Adorable and authentic market town. Which is undoubtedly the most picturesque of all the villages on the island. Charming Creole cottages which extend along seashore, and where a dazzling vacation atmosphere reigns. The Village Grande Case is surrounded with little old-looking bistros and shops, where typical and colourful West-Indians beachwear is sold.

·Anse Marcel* In order to get there, the road goes through steep hills and reveals outstanding panoramas*. The market town, such as a treasure which one discovers at the turning point of the road, seems nestled in the hollow of the verdant hills. It extends at the seaside with fabulous gardens and hotel buildings conceived for package deals vacations. An oasis of tranquility, the site is tremendously exceptional.

·La ferme aux Papillions* (Butterflies Farm), presents, in its magnificent gardens, hundreds of charming and colourful tropical butterflies. The splendid butterflies of the South!

·Observe a Mangrove, this strange forest which grows in salty waters and silt. The mangrove is essentially formed of mangrove trees, mainly the Red Mangrove, easily recognizable with its roots that grow above ground in a densely interlaced thicket. In the South of Baie Orientale, there’s Baie de l’Embouchure, from there you are able to see a mangrove afar, that has been damaged by hurricane Luis in 1995, and which is revivifying little by little.

St. Maarten
Fort Amsterdam* situated at the extremity of Little Bay, will make you travel back in time. From there, you will have a stunning view over the city.
.Frontstreet, a street where shops succeed one another and deals are all incredibly tempting. The Philipsburg Methodist Church whose facade is made of lattices and stands attractively between rue Hotelsteeg and rue St. Jansteeg.
.The Courthouse* which is facing the harbour and Wathey Square in the lovely white building.

Mullet Bay* (West of Philipsburg) A tourist Village with its restaurants, casinos, open-air bars, discotheques and shops. For the nightlife of your vacations.

The Parrot Jungle. Parrot breeding; where you can see 80 adult birds representing 40 different bird species of the South.

Saint Barthélemy
The mountains form the heart of this land whose roads intertwine into one another like laces and lead to the townships.

·Gustavia*** (Named in honour of the Swedish King when Gustavia was yielded to Sweden). Gustavia, formed by its streets with aligned charming little white houses with orange-coloured roofs, is worth to linger on during your vacations.
.The lovely green Vieux Clocher (Old Bell-tower), on rue du Presbytère, dates back to the Swedish Era. There are only a few buildings left in town, from that Era, because of the damage wrought by a huge fire in 1952. This bell-tower formerly sheltered a molded bell in 1799. Today, it has been replaced by a clock.
.A little trip to Sweden? Fort Gustave dates back to the Swedish colony. Where, nowadays, a terrace can still be found and from where you can have a splendid view of on Gustavia.
.The Mairie, now the Town Hall, on rue Auguste Nyman was formerly called the Governor’s House since it is there, in the past, that the island’s governors used to reside.
.The Anglican Church, on rue du Centenaire, was built in 1885.
.Rue du Centenaire** which is among the most attractive main roads of the town because it boarders along the port and offers a beautiful perspective of the whole town. From there, you will be able to see, from afar, the whitewashed façade of the Catholic Church (rue de l’Église), the most imposing of the two temples.
.Gustavia regroups numerous shops among which, the most prestigious such as Cartier, Hermès, Gucci etc. Low prices can be found since it’s Duty Free…
.St. Barth Museum (Wall House, corner of rue Alvar and Duquesne) which presents different objects evoking life in the past, from the Swedish and French Era.

·Saint-Jean* This township extends along the shoreline of the extremely beautiful Baie Saint Jean. Enchanting houses, decorated with beautiful borders and white balconies, were built at hillside, which surely confers this township to have plenty of character. Shopping centres, notably the Galeries du Commerce, the Villa Creole, and the St-Jean shopping centre.

·Anse Toiny and Grand Fond** bordered with abrupt walls on which the agitated floodtide crashes against. In the south-east of the island, no more long crescents shaped strips of white fine sand are encountered. Little after the superb hotel building, Le Toiny, on the left side of the road, you can catch site of a typical St. Barth’s case (a traditional house or cottage), the cabrette. This small and very low house is built of stone and conceived to withstand the worst wind assaults.

·Corossol* Very little township at hillside and off Anse Corossol’s shoreline. Here, life seems to be flowing in slow motion. The Inter Ocean Museum* exhibits seashells of all kinds (over 400 varieties), again, another richness of the South.

[size=13]Sports in Saint Martin and St-Barthélemy[/size]

·Scuba diving and snorkeling are available in St. Martin and St. Barth. Along the island’s shore, the low seabeds and the always warm waters (around 20°C) offer an ideal habitat for the development of corals of multiple shapes and colours. A rich and diverse marine animal-life, composed, among other, of fish of all sizes, like the tuna, the Auxis thazard (frigate tuna), in rare occasions the shark, the parrot fish, the trunkfish, the red mullet and angelfish, as well as animals, such as, sponges and Sea urchins.
In St. Martin, travel long Baie de Marigot, Anse des Pères, Baie aux Prunes and Baie de Grande Case. The Rocher Creole is among the most popular sites. The island of Tintamarre, situated at 2 km of St.Martin, and the shore of Saba (Netherlands Antilles) are for experienced divers. Grand Case offers a thrilling place for snorkelling.
St. Maarten is the place with a larger number of diving sites. Finding accommodation at this particular place is preferred for this kind of vacation. The most famous places can notably be found along the beaches of Maho Bay and Dawn. There you can observe the wrecks, off Great Bay shore, remainders of the English ship HMS Proselyte, which sunk in 1801 or the wrecks of the tugboat off Mullet Bay shore. Offer

·Parasailing in St. Martin and St. Barth for a wonderful vacation experience. Firmly attached to your parachute and connected to a powerful speedboat, you will fly away in the air in a matter of a few seconds. Suspended between the sky and the sea for about ten minutes, you will contemplate the infinite stretch of the ocean. This sport is often available at hotel beaches that are offered in the package deals, considering an additional coast.
In St. Martin, it’s possible to parasail over Baie Orientale and Baie Nettlé.

·Windsurfing in St. Martin and St. Barth. Except for the beach of Baie de l’Embouchure, few considered places exist around St. Martin and St. Bart, for this activity.

·Deep-sea fishing in St. Martin and St. Barth. Big game fishing which offers, besides the unforgettable experience, a fantastic occasion for an enjoyable cruise. This type of fishing is very different from the one we usually find in Canada. The average duration for this activity is about half a day. The equipment and tips are provided. Baie Nettlé or Anse Marcel.

·Watercraft in St. Martin and St. Barth. This sport is practiced by many people on vacation. Cautiousness is a priority in order to avoid all accidents. Respect other boats and watercrafts that are harder to control, such as windsurfers and pedal-boats, as well as swimmers and divers. The boat accompanying them always has a raised red flag crossed with a white line. At any time, when you see this flag, in St. Martin and St. Barh, you should not approach.

·Golf in St. Martin and St. Barth. A golf course in Mullet Bay in the island of St. Martin. Unfortunately, the buildings surrounding it have been seriously damaged by hurricane Luis in 1995. Although the course is being well kept and has been re-opened to golfers, it still isn’t in top condition. The main goal of your trip shouldn’t be to enjoy this sport.

·Walking excursion in St. Martin and St. Bart. It is always wise to know the length and the level of difficulty of the chosen path. Remain, at all time, on the trail all along your excursion. Protect yourself from sunburn, especially on these islands of the South (certain trails have long exposed sections) bring along a hat and provide yourself with a good sun lotion. Wear light and clear-coloured clothes, thick shoes, which are also very solid and light (wear socks). Leave early in the morning, for your little trip, in order to take advantage of a cooler temperature. Don’t forget to bring in your backpack water, food, bandages, a disinfectant and also an insect repellent.
St. Martin. Its forty kilometres of trails through the mountains will encourage you to discover the magnificent sighting of the island’s panoramas; it’s tropical vegetation along with the richness of the flowers.
1-Pic Paradis. Many trails are accessible to discover the tropical luxuriance, real richness of the South: a variety of fern, wild orchids, ricin, cotton, old mango tree. Also, the ruins of an old sugar refinery invaded by the lianas. This rather difficult excursion will allow you to benefit from an appreciably fresher air, at 424 meters of altitude.
2-The road of Crêtes*, links St-Peters and Mont Vernon passing by Colombier and Pic Paradis. Not adding up less than 40 km, it curves truly through the massif, revealing fabulous panoramas of this marvelous South.
·St. Maarten. Climbing Cole Bay Hill, a little hill situated west of Philipsburg. One hour excursion, just enough to stretch your legs during your vacation and, which leads you to the summit, where an observation platform will reveal a splendid panorama.
·St. Barth. Only one trail exists in the Colombier region.

·Bicycling in St. Martin and St. Barth. The roads of the two islands, little shaded and often steep, are not ideal. However, there are many tracks, which lead to the beaches of St. Martin and St. Barth islands and some will like bicycling during their vacations since the distances are often rather short.

·Horseback riding in St. Martin and St. Barth. For some romanticism during your vacation, long strolls along the seashore or through the field. Great packages can be offered to you especially that, on the two islands, the animals are in good health.

The Beaches in St. Martin and St. Barth

The water temperature fluctuates between 22 and 28°C, long live the South! The beaches situated on ”Côte-sous-le-Vent” (sea of the Caribbean) are less exposed to the blowing wind of the ocean, and the water is generally calm there. It’s perfect for your vacation bathing. The beaches on “Côte-au-vent” (Atlantic ocean), where the water is more agitated, will please the wave lovers. On the two islands, none of the beaches are private. Nothing prevents you, during your trip, from bathing everywhere, even at the grand hotels complex where guards are stationed at the entrance.

St. Martin

There are 38 beautiful beaches in St. Martin, real beach packages. Some of them, blondish and turquoise hemmed, are still enjoyably wild and intimate.
French side of St. Martin

· Baie Nettlé (Terres Basses / Low Lands). A succession of beaches where vacation hotels offer a lovely view of Baie de Marigot and Anguilla Island. Extremely beautiful beaches* among the most beautiful beaches of the island of St Martin.
· Baie Rouge** (Terres Basses / Low Lands). Really lovely fine white sand beach surrounded by steep cliffs. Very frequented but large enough to welcome more people than it can attract and where it’s still possible to be well away from the crowd. To visit during your trip when the sea is relatively calm.
· Baie aux Prunes* (Terres Basses / Low Lands). Situated 2 km of Baie Rouge. Bordered with wild growing sea grape trees, which offers a unique charm. The beach ends north of the steep Falaise aux Oiseaux, at the top of which beautiful residences dominate the azure waves. In the south, a trail heading all the way to Long Bay passing by Pointe du Cannonier.
· Beach of Long Bay** The longest and the most beautiful of the three Terres Basses (Low Lands) bays. It divides in two portions. The western portion has more of a wild aspect and is less arranged. The other portion ends with steep cliffs and is more inviting for people on vacation that have the need to swim.
· Baie des Pères* (around Pic Paradis) This isolated beach, bordered with Palm trees, is caressed by the ever calm water. Surrounded by some beach restaurants, it attracts the younger crowd because of its beauty as well as its cool ambiance. Gorgeous coral reefs offshore for snorkelling.
· Baie de Grande Case. Beautiful white sand beach where many terraces can be found. Hotel complexes can also be found, which offer many vacation packages. At its northern point it offers Petite Plage, ideal for families.
· Anse Marcel* possesses a beautiful beach*.
· For those who enjoy travelling alone, La Plage des Amoureux (the Lovers Beach), north of Marigot, is hard to find. Happy Bay, south of Grande Case or Petite Caye (travel the walking track road which starts at Anse Marcel and serpentines at the bottom of the cliffs, leading all the way to this beautiful beach. Besides the boat, it’s the only way to reach this beach.) between Anse Marcel and Cul-de-Sac. Grandes Cayes* The track which goes directly to Petite Caye’s beach extends and reaches all the way here. Hidden behind the cliffs, this beach, composed of some coves, is wild and little visited. They are worth all the effort made to find them.
· Ile Pinel* (French Cul-de-Sac). Small-bared island with superbs sand beaches. Taxi-Boats, frequent in the South, are used as shuttles. They leave from Étang de la Barrière’s bank.
· Baie Orientale*** (Atlantic side). Really spacious (long fine sand strip that seems to extend forever), this beach is also the most developed and one of the most popular of the island. Undoubtedly, it’s the most breathtaking beach of the island. It offers, nautical sports and animation provided by the restaurants and bars that border the beach. Its South part is a naturist centre.

St. Maarten (Dutch side)
· The beaches of Mullet Bay, west of Philipsburg. Long sandy beaches and joyful animation : Maho Beach and Mullet Beach are borded by tourists establishments offering packages of all sorts. Frequently invaded at certain hours, it’s difficult to find some space to lay out a towel. Party atmosphere, one goes there to see and to be seen. Maho Bay attracts people that come to observe the landing of the planes, because the airport is located in the elongation of the beach. Cupecoy Beach is a bit distanced is where some naturists have established their area. A landscape in its natural state, white sand, sandstone cliffs and splendid coves await you there.
· Dawn Beach* magnificent beach east of Philipsburg. At one end of this soft crescent, chairs and parasols are for rent. A little resto-bar, furnished with long wooden tables, is available to quench one’s thirst. At the other end, the Dawn Beach hotel complex (very little sold in Canada) was built there,
· Oyster Pond** is divided between France and Holland. Lovely bay almost completely surrounded by hills. The road that lead there is very abrupt. The little agitated water attracts nautical sports amateurs.

St. Barthélemy (St. Barth)

With its 22 fine sand beaches which extend at seashore of the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean is a true paradise. It’s possible to bathe in 15 of them. There are no naturist beaches in St. Barth.
· Shell Beach. Small beach at the western extremity of the city of Gustavia. Encumbered with seashells, it is not the prettiest of the island but proves to be extremely pleasant.
· Baie de Saint-Jean** At the edge of which a long blond sand crescent extends and is caressed by the turquoise and gleaming waves of the Caribbean Sea, hidden behind a green vegetation. It’s a paradise for those who enjoy quiet bathes during their vacations. The Bay is among the most frequented of the island but it’s no place for noisy animation since the ambiance there is always peaceful and pleasant.
· Anse de Lorient* Quite sumptuous fine white sand crescent which will make the happiness of those seeking beautiful beaches on their vacations.
· Anse Grand Cul-de-Sac** Crystalline water lagoons surrounded by cliffs, and in which merrily reflect the orange roofs of the charming residences that were built there. For some more sportive vacations, since it’s the privileged place of windsurfer amateurs and swimmers.
· Anse Marigot. Not far from Anse du Grand Cul-de-Sac, nestled at the bottom of the hills. Appreciated by swimmers and small boat owners.
· Anse Petit Cul-de-Sac, bordered essentially of sea grapes growing pell-mell, and which confer a delightful shade. One cannot swim there since it’s encumbered with stones of all sizes; it has the charm of the forgotten beaches and a wild side.
· Anse de Grande Saline** At the end of the short path, such as a marvellous painting, will be revealed a blue sea stretching out as far as the eye can see. This beach is known for its wild beauty, the green hills that surround it, its fine sand and crystalline water. Of an incomparable beauty for those who like natural decors.
· Anse du Gouverneur** Superb golden sand crescent where peaceful waves invite you for a swim. Without shops and parasol renting kiosks, the beach has everything of the forgotten West Indian paradise.
· Anse de Corossol. The lovely beach of this cove is bordered of a road, which fortunately is little frequented by cars.
· Grand Colombier beach** At the end of a fifteen minutes stroll through a multitude of undergrowth and shrubs, you will arrive at the most isolated beach of St. Barth. You will be subjugated by the quality of its fine soft sand and by the crystalline waves which border it.
· Anse des Flamands* is located at the most western tip of the island. Long white sand crescent where Lataniers palm (large palm trees) grow in various places. Perfect for swimming and taking naps under the shade of the Lataniers palm trees. ‘
· Anse des Cayes acquired a reputation on behalf of surfing and deep-sea fishing amateurs.

Evenings in St. Martin and St. Bath.
Sunset is very early, every evening, as of 7pm, it’s deep night.

St. Martin
Animated nightlife. Dance under a starry sky! Nightclubs, bars & discotheques.

St. Maarten
Casinos are exclusively in the Dutch side of St. Maarten island. There are no less than 12. Many hotels offering vacation packages, situated on the French side of St. Martin, provide free shuttles for people on vacation. Spend one night in one of the many casinos of this part of the island!

St. Barth
There is an intense animation in St. Barth during daytime but, in the evening, the island seems to live at a slow pace. People mainly go to restaurants. Some bars and discotheques, all the same, exist for those wishing to dance or grab a drink. There are no casinos on the island.

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