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All-inclusive vacations to the Caribbean – Dominican Republic
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A vacation to the Dominican Republic, is a southern vacation that greets you with a warm welcome, a blazing sun, and a unique Latin-American atmosphere. The Dominican Republic takes up 2/3 of the second largest island of the Caribbean, known as Hispaniola Island. Let the Dominican culture lift your spirits - dance the merengue and bargain a little!
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[size=13]National symbols of the Dominican Republic:[/size]

National flower: The mahogany flower
National tree: The mahogany tree
National bird: The stork

[size=13]General information for your vacations to the Dominican Republic [/size]

[size=13]Required documents for your all-inclusive package deal vacation to the Dominican Republic[/size]

• The tourist card is provided by the vacation wholesaler and given by the Travel Agents. It should be carefully conserved during the whole trip, since it will have to be given to the authorities of Dominican Republic, at the end of your vacation.
• Valid passport for all the duration of the vacation.
• A child of less than 18 years of age, travelling with only one parent must have an authenticated letter from the other parent authorizing the entry and the vacation.

[size=13]The Climate in the Dominican Republic[/size]

The Dominican Republic has a tropical climate, Nov 30°C, Dec 29°C, Jan 29°C, Feb 29°C, March 29°C, Apr 29°C.
The rainy season in Dominican Republic is from May to October. From the month of May to mid-June, showers are more frequent. Average temperatures are, during the day, 31°C and at night 22°C. Abundant downpours are short in duration in the South.

[size=13]Hours of sunshine in the Dominican Republic[/size]

Dominican Republic : Nov. 6 hours, Dec. 6 hours, Jan. 6 hours, Feb. 7 hours, March 8 hours, April 7 hours
Montreal : Nov. 2 hours, Dec. 2 hours, Jan. 3 hours, Feb. 4 hours, March 5 hours, April 5 hours
This information will help you to better choose your package deals to the Dominican Republic!

[size=13]Health in the Dominican Republic[/size]

A certain vigilance is essential where freshness of food (in this particular case, meat and fish) is concerned. A good hygiene (among other things; washing your hands frequently) will help you avoid considerable displeasures during your trip. Always bring along a sunscreen that will protect you well. Do not abuse of the Sun in Dominican Republic. It is recommended never to walk barefoot outside, because parasites and miniscule insects that could infiltrate the skin and cause several problems, in particular dermatitis (a fungus infection).

[size=13]Clothing to bring and customs in the Dominican Republic[/size]

In general, cotton and linen clothing, loose-fitted and comfortable, are more appreciated in Dominican Republic. Wear closed shoes that cover your feet, if you are planning on going for a stroll in the city or on the mountain during your vacations (they protect better from wounds for the risks of infections). Rubber sandals are always recommended for the beach.
For all vacations in the South, a jacket or a long sleeved shirt, can be very useful for cool evenings. A knee-covering skirt or a pair of pants is required to visit certain sites in Dominican Republic. Bring some dressy clothing, since some places have a dress code. Bring an umbrella for the rainy season, if you don’t want to miss any sight- seeing because of the rain!

[size=13]Gastronomy in the Dominican Republic[/size]

In this country of the South, fish, seafood (langouste), international Creole cuisine: guisado, black beans. Specialties of Dominican Republic: the mondongo, the asopao or the sancocho. Mildly spicy, Dominican cuisine is mainly a simple and nourishing cuisine. The dishes, often contain fish, beef, chicken or seafood, are prepared with rice, beans or plantain (green banana). Beers in Dominican Republic: the Quisqueya, the Soverana and the El Presidente.

[size=13]Customs in the Dominican Republic[/size]

In general, the service is always very courteous and attentive, whether you choose a discount package deal hotel or a 5 star hotel in a large establishment. Your vacations to the Republic are sure to be a success.

[size=13]Purchases in the Dominican Republic[/size]


You’ll find jewelry made of amber, Larimar (found only in Dominican Republic where you can get them at great deals), Dominican black jade, and national stone of Dominican Republic as well as native paintings (also, often at reduced prices and extremely lovely), wooden and mahogany sculptures, pottery, cigars, sugar cane knifes, great cotton clothing, straw hats, vanilla (again a great bargain in the Dominican Republic).

[size=13]Drinks in the Dominican Republic[/size]

Rum; amber, white or brown

[size=13]Public Holidays in the Dominican Republic[/size]

During the Holy week, in Dominican Republic, sports activities are very limited and nautical activities prohibited.

• January 1st : New Year’s day
• January 6th : Epiphany
• January 21st: Lady of Altagracia Day
• January 26th: J.P. Duarte’s Anniversary
• Variable : Mardi gras
• February 26th : Independence Day
• Variable : Good Friday
• May 1st : Labour Day
• Variable : Corpus Christi
• August 16th : The Republic’s Restoration Day
• September 24th : Our Lady of Las Mercedes.
• December 25th : Christmas Day


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